Parent Support Group (PSG)

Parent involvement is valued across both of our campuses.  Families are regularly invited to share their child’s successes, whether it be to give feedback through Seesaw, attend an assembly or school function, or support our sports teams. The PSG is intended to provide opportunities for parents to form a collective voice and help build a stronger school community by providing:

  • Support for children
  • Support for the School
  • Support for each other

Your Involvement Will:

  • Help children succeed academically, emotionally, and socially
  • Give parents a voice and a forum to speak on behalf of their children
  • Provide child advocates and supporters of the school
  • Mobilize volunteer efforts that will benefit students
  • Provide a support network for families.

Who Can Be a Part of the PSG?

The PSG is an inclusive group that welcomes parents and adult family members who are interested in supporting our students. Every parent at APIS, whether on the Primary campus or the Main Campus, is invited to be a member of the Parent Support Group and attend meetings.

The PSG Will:

  • Meet monthly 
  • Offer support to families new to the area 
  • Provide resources for parents 
  • Participate in parent education 
  • Contribute to community events 
  • Discuss academic issues 
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students 
  • Coordinate volunteering opportunities for parents