Learning Support

APIS is committed to providing a learning environment where each student can develop, pursue and achieve appropriate personal learning goals. We understand that every person is unique and learns differently. Therefore, our Access & Inclusion Policy considers differentiation, accommodations, interventions, and modifications through which the individual academic, methodological, and environmental needs are adjusted to every student.

Our Learning Support Specialist works closely with Counselors, Teachers, Administrators, Students, and Families to determine each student’s learning profile. This approach allows us to put all the necessary elements in place to create and implement individualized class plans and assessment strategies that encourage our pupils to reach their full potential.

Our intervention begins when a concern is communicated to one of the Student Support Team members. According to the student’s individual situation, we establish a plan that includes implementing classroom strategies, continuous follow-up, and systematic data collection. Acknowledging that our pupil’s well-being and academic success is a team effort, we maintain parents and guardians informed along the process. Furthermore, if extra support is needed, we refer our families to external specialists with whom we communicate frequently. 

We encourage parents and guardians to share any concerns regarding their child’s learning process with the corresponding campus’ Principal or the Learning Support Specialist.