The school library program serves to instill a love of reading, inspire life-long learning, and foster independent library use. The library is an inviting space where students acquire knowledge and gain insight.

Our goal is for students to have a positive experience in the library. Student choice is an important step to instilling a love of reading. In the library we encourage students to read according to their age appropriate interests.

The library features a collection of reading materials providing a centerpiece for student learning with the addition of online resources.

The library works collaboratively with teachers and other specialists to support the curriculum and encourage a lifelong love of reading in the PYP, MYP and DP programs at APIS.

Library Space

Our Main Campus library is located in the heart of the campus in Building B and has spaces for quiet study, relaxation/reading, and instruction. The library was recently updated to include a section dedicated for IB Diploma students, including resources and separate study spaces. This new space is easily accessible to all students and staff.

Our Primary Campus library has comfortable space for instruction and quiet reading and research. The library is located on the second floor not far from the auditorium.  The library at the Primary Campus is accessible to Students, Staff and Families.

Check Out

PYP students will visit the library once a week to return and check out materials. Library lessons will include stories and information literacy skills connected to and/or supporting classroom Units of Inquiry. Materials are checked out for 2 weeks before they are considered overdue.

K1-K3 checkout 3 books

G1-G3 checkout 4 books

G4 and up checkout 5 books

MYP & DP students will visit the library on their own or as scheduled with a class. Students may check out 5 books for their own personal use. If it is arranged with a teacher ahead of time a student may check out more materials for classroom assignments.

Electronic Resources

This is the online catalog to search for materials that are found in the school libraries. If you have a question about on which campus an item can be found, please ask a librarian.

The username and password are available in the library, check with the librarian for more information. EBSCO is a research database to collect online sources of information from a variety of topics. There are journal articles, newspaper articles, book reviews, and more available from this source.

Offers online reading and interactive features from picture to chapter books and even includes a video series from National Geographic.