At APIS we value every student that comes through our doors and support their needs through an academic, social-emotional, or college and career focused lens. We understand that there is more to school than the plus and minus signs in their math books. We understand that every part of a student’s International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile works in unison.

The counseling departments  at APIS strive to be proactive. We always help students in need emotionally, academically, and in their higher education and career selection process. We hold group, and class sessions with our students as well as maintain cross-divisional communication with our teachers to assess student needs.

Through our support team, the department collaborates with all aspects of student’s lives to ensure security and consistency across all facets of the school. We work with all of our students on an individual basis, where we create support plans which allow our students to successfully develop emotionally, socially, and academically.

Seth Rogers

MC Counselor seth.rogers@apis.ac.th

Main Campus

  • Student Support & Guidance

  • College & Career Counseling

At the Main Campus, the counselor works through the advisory program to reach many of the students with questions regarding their academic, social, and career development. In the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the students learn what a University is as well as receiving lessons on social-emotional behaviors.  In the Middle Years Programme, the students work on team building and occupational skills. The students in the MYP receive support in making decisions that support their goals for Grade 11 and 12.

In the Diploma Programme, students receive support in making life decisions as they relate to University.  University selection is an important part of a high school student’s life and students at APIS are given the support they need from beginning to end.

Icelyn Zurita

PC Counselor  icelyn.zurita@apis.ac.th

Primary Campus

  • Student Support & Guidance

  • Social-Emotional Support & Counseling

At the Primary campus, students are provided with a counseling and guidance program that supports learning by attending to their social, emotional, personal, and developmental needs; to make sure that our students do well, are happy, and achieve success in their learning. Services are provided through classroom guidance lessons and individual and small group counseling.  Collaboration and consultation with teachers, support staff, and parents is necessary to meet the needs of our students.

The Counseling office at APIS/APISP is here to support Students and Families with any questions or concerns!