Connecting to the Apps used for Distance Learning




For students and families in Nursery through Grade 6 at APIS, we use SeeSaw as our main communication with parents as well as a learning portfolio for our students. Your child and their teacher will use this tool to post work through the class app. As a parent, you will receive information on how to join the family app in order to communicate with your student’s teacher, receive important information from the school, and view your student’s learning and engagement in class. 

Learn more about what SeeSaw is and what it has to offer below!

Google Classroom

At APIS, we use Google Classroom as a means for communicating with students during face to face as well as for Distance Learning (DL).  Students have access to their assignments, assessment, and various learning materials.  It allows for teachers to assign differentiated work through a digital platform, accessible through most laptop and handheld devices.  

Google Classroom helps students to keep track of their complete and incomplete assignments.  Parents may be added via the Guardian option to also monitor their child’s progress in the specific class. 

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