Air Quality

Air Quality at APIS:

Each year, Chiangmai experiences a smokey season, where the air quality can be a problem.  To address the health and safety of our community, each Campus Safety Team has a plan in place that reduces the exposure to PM2.5 particles.  The plans include supervision expections, recess accommodations, indoor arrival/dismissal, and after school activities  School Administration will communicate these expectations in Meetings, Morning Messages and emails.  The school will communicate directly with families if the AQI should rise above 300 for a sustained amount of time and school will experience any closures.

Awareness & Prevention

AirVisual Air Monitors:

Each campus has its own AirVisual air monitor, so we can check and track air quality continuously throughout the day. This means we can respond quickly to changes in air pollution.

If you would like to add our monitor to your phone, then please download the AirVisual App, and then look for APIS Main or APIS Primary to add as a favorite. You will then be able to track hourly readings.

Air Purifiers in Classrooms:

We have air purifiers for our classrooms, so that students can focus and learn within a clean air environment, protected from exposure to the smallest, most dangerous PM2.5 micro particles. 

Air Filters in the Classrooms:

3M air filters are placed in our air conditioning units to also help combat the PM2.5 particles in the classrooms. Air Conditioning units are run to keep the air moving through the filters.

N95/N99 Masks:

In addition to monitoring and using air purifiers and filters during the smokey season, it is also important for everyone to have their own, high quality air pollution mask to use for arrival/dismissal and for moving between classrooms. These masks are different from the ordinary surgical masks or masks that are used to prevent Covid -19. These masks have a filter designed to prevent us from inhaling dangerous particles into our lungs. When buying a pollution mask please make sure that you buy N95 or N99 masks that filter out PM2.5 particles, and that fits your face.